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What is a Restoration?

Before you get into an automotive restoration you need to know the difference of terms used, because each takes a different amount of work and time associated with it. We can provide rotisserie restorations, and frame on restorations. What is the scope of work associated? What are the the costs? What's the difference. Here is a general idea of what to expect but this is not a quote. Every contracted restoration will be different, as the scope of work and details into the build will vary.

What you want for your vehicle will determine how aggressive your restoration will be, and therefore how expensive. Some classic car owners want their car to look amazing, and opt to spend their money on body work rather than engine components. They might swap out the classic engine for a newer model like an LS, Coyote, or Diesel engine.


Some drivers want their car’s age to show, and decide to preserve any patina or weathering on the outside. This can free up funds to get the engine purring the way it used to. Or, you might go for that super-polished finish and enter your car into the next restoration show that comes through your town. It’s all up to you, and what you can afford.

What Are The Different Types Of Restorations You Offer?

The Process

Here are the major steps of muscle and classic vehicle restoration. The total cost will depend on the initial condition of the vehicle and the level of quality you want in the final vehicle such as concours, show, or street show. Frame On or Frame Off. Partial restoration can cost on the low end $30k and range from $50 to $100K or more. Complete restoration can cost $150 to $200K or more, depending on the level you want to achieve as state above


Classic cars by definition are several decades old. To properly restore them, everything on the car that can be removed must come off the frame and chassis.  Every piece, nut, and bolt must be cleaned and possibly re-plated. Our mechanics will get to work on your engine and drive components, and the cosmetic team will take the body to get sand blasted or chemically stripped of its old paint job. 

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